Remodels & Renovations

Scottsdale Interior Renovations and Remodeling
Homeowners are staying put as the housing industry has yet to rebound from the recession. For this reason, residential and commercial construction is relatively stagnant, and many people are choosing to renovate or remodel their home or office.

Studio H Inc. is the leading Phoenix interior design firm and the design company of choice for hundreds of Arizona residents and business owners. Which project is right for you, renovation or remodel? Well, they are very similar terms, but there is a difference. A renovation project involves adding or tearing down and rebuilding any existing structure. A remodel project involves refinishing any existing structure with new materials, such as fabrics, furnishings, paint and/or accessories.

Listed below you will find a list of the most common renovation and remodel projects completed by Studio H:

Remodel Projects

  • Bathroom Remodel
    Create a bathroom or substantially alter an old one.
  • Kitchen Remodel
    Add a kitchen or substantially alter an old one.
  • Basement Remodel
    Finish, alter or remodel a basement.
  • Garage Remodel
    Professionally build attached or detached garage.
  • Swimming Pool -Remodel
    Resurfacing existing pool structure.

Renovation Projects

  • Addition to Existing Structure
    Add additional living space to a home.
  • Deck / Porch Renovation
    Deck materials include wood, vinyl & other woods.
  • Bathroom Renovation
    Updating bathrooms to be more modern and “clean.”
  • Kitchen Renovation
    New appliances, kitchen cabinets and counters.
  • Basement Renovation
    Creating a living area rather than a drab, unused space.